How to get the most out of a Conference- Part 2

Attending a conference is great in many aspects.  We want you to move out of your comfort zone, start networking and learn about the value of vendors.  You are heading out of town to get inspired, meet new people and take back many great ideas to your program.  Remind yourself that it is a privilege many people don’t get to be with other professionals in your field to gather and share success and challenges. Nine Need to Know Necessities: Attending a Conference

  1. Setting Goals to Take Action
  2. Colleagues & Conferences
  3. Intentional Planning
  4. where can i buy real viagra online yahoo answers Power of Networking
  5. Conversation Starters
  6. Vendors are Valuable
  7. Believe in Yourself
  8. Move Out of Your Comfort Zone
  9. Personal Challenge


Here are the next three of Nine of the Need to Know Necessities:


Believe in yourself

Remember it is important to celebrate all victories and accomplishments (yes, even the small ones).  Come to the conference believing in what you are doing, be willing to share your successes. It is not easy for many of us to talk about the great things we are doing.

Stand proud and don’t give a half hearted salute to your work!  Just because it is easy for you it does not mean it is easy for someone else, and vice versa. As you are at the conference take time to seek information from others and time to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions.

Whether you have been in the field for a long time or new to the field, you are the professionals supporting our youth.  Your ideas should be shared!  We want to hear from you.  Presenting at and attending the upcoming 21st CCLC Summer Institute conference excites us to be part of a session or network with individuals while seeing their passions, vision and creative ideas.

As presenters your involvement and engagement energizes and reminds us that we are on target meeting your needs. We want you to leave our session feeling the same way. You are doing great work that many others value! You are fortunate to have a career that is making a difference in our youth.  Whatever your job title is wear it proud.  You are making an impact everyday! If we devalue our own profession then how will we be able to gain respect!


Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Think about going to sessions you would not normally attend.  Maybe it’s the style of a session (interactive vs. lecture), or the topic of the session.  Sit with people you don’t know in the sessions or during the keynotes. Get rid of your proverbially security blanket.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk! Talk to people! Ask questions! Talk with one, all or any of the many speakers and exhibitors about something that has inspired you. If you have questions, act on them.

If you are attending the conference with others consider splitting up and attending different sessions. Or if you believe it would be more beneficial to have more than one set of eyes and ears in a session by all means have a couple of people attend. You both may not know about the topic and will gain different information.

It is ok to go to a session where you are familiar with the topic as there may be more information you can take back. Even if you have attended many conferences there is still plenty of quality information you can gain and share.  Once you open up to new ideas anything is possible.


Vendors are Valuable

Now is the time to put your networking skills to the test.  This is your chance to start talking- tell them about your programming. Dive right in, ask them how their product can fit into your program.

Their job is to sell you on the product; your job is to tell them how this product fits or does not fit within your program. Vendors are in the field because they too want to help children.  They are not just about selling their product.

Vendors are real people too!  See the value in what the vendors have to offer.  They have quality products/services designed to support your programming.  A vendor can be a reliable resource.  You will be surprised with some of the answers/input that vendors provide.

You might not have the money at this time but you can gather the information needed to find out how to fund this product/activity.  Many vendors are willing to work with you to bring their product to your program. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult pricing questions, be creative with leveraging your funds.

Vendors will ask you for your contact information if you don’t have business cards; create your own or utilize labels (yes that says labels).  Self-created address labels with your information (name, email, program, phone, city/state) are a cost-effective way to disseminate your contact info.

As you are getting pumped up to get out of town, take some time to take a breath and rethink what you are doing within your program and for yourself personally. Only 2 weeks away for the 21st CCLC Summer Institute.  The Summer Institute is put on by the U.S. Department of Education:

Next week we will be sharing the final three tips from the Nine Need to Know Necessities.  Today would be a great way to Jump Start! Move outside of that box!…


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